26 Jan 2011

Fifth Solomon Islands minister resigns

9:14 am on 26 January 2011

There are reports the resignation of another minister in Solomon Islands could bring about the fall of the government.

SIBC is reporting that the resignation of Police Minister James Tora means the opposition now has 25 MPs, while the government has 23 MPs.

It says the Government House Private Secretary, Nigel Maezama has confirmed that Mr Tora's resignation letter has been submitted to the Governor General's Office.

Mr Tora is the fifth cabinet minister to have resigned, reportedly because he no longer has confidence in the government.

Mr Maezama says the Prime Minister can now either resign if he knows he does not have the numbers, or call parliament so MPs can go through the budget or a vote of no confidence.

Mr Maezama says the opposition has also submitted a petition to summon parliament.