25 Jan 2011

American Samoa hotel survives Wilma

11:14 am on 25 January 2011

A beachside hotel and restaurant on Tutuila in American Samoa says it has suffered only minor roof damage from Cyclone Wilma.

The cyclone, with winds gusting up to 130 kilometers, hit the Territory this morning.

The owner of Sadies by the Sea, Tom Drabble, says despite staff shortages he has still managed to stay open and trade.

"The hotel has suffered a few thousand dollars worth of roof damage to tiles and piles. We had winds gusting up to about 85 knots and a few trees down and so on around but not too bad. The restaurant has been open and [there's] quite [a] brisk trade."

Tom Drabble says Cyclone Wilma wasn't as bad as other cyclones that have hit the Territory in the past.

Another beach side resort, Maliu Mai, stayed closed after parts of the hotel's roof got damaged from strong wind gusts.