25 Jan 2011

Solomons opposition calls on PM to resign after ministers walk out

10:08 am on 25 January 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition is calling on the Prime Minister to resign, after four ministers left cabinet and joined the opposition.

Four Ministers have crossed the floor, and the opposition is to ask the Governor General to recall parliment so a no-confidence motion can be debated.

The deputy opposition leader, Matthew Wale, says there's a common thread to the departing ministers' complaints.

"Mostly it is the complaint that the Prime Minister has allowed the Minister of Finance to basically manipulate Cabinet and the cabinet process for his own ends and that of his cronies in the award of contracts, and the decision on the beche de mer issue at the fisheries ministry and so forth."

Matthew Wale says if the Prime Minister has any common sense, he will resign before a no-confidence vote can be called.

Prime Minister Danny Philip says his government is commanding the support of 24 members

The SIBC reports him as saying says the government does not condemn the Ministers who have resigned saying government will still welcome them if they opt to return.