24 Jan 2011

NZ importer of Samoa coffee notes support

8:03 am on 24 January 2011

The owner of a business importing Samoan-grown coffee into New Zealand says officials have been supportive of the initiative.

C1 Espresso is working with Women in Business and local families to grow coffee for the New Zealand market.

A report last year by New Zealand's Select Committee on Foreign affairs recommended looking at ways to reduce barriers to increase the quantity and variety of Pacific agricultural produce in New Zealand

Sam Crofskey says they've had no major problems bringing the coffee in.

"We've had some strange looks, where at the moment the quantities are so small that we just carry it on the plane with us, and pillowcases seem to be out method of transport, as opposed to the traditional sack. MAF in New Zealand are 100 percent behind it, and have been really supportive of the project, so on paper, the pathway is there for this to arrive unhindered into New Zealand"

Sam Crofskey says it helps that all the families they are working with can grow organically.