21 Jan 2011

Tougher measures in Fiji to stop children entering sex trade

3:28 pm on 21 January 2011

Save the Children in Fiji is working to halve the number of children involved in the sex trade by the end of this year.

The Chief Executive of the non-profit organisation, Chandra Shekhar says recent research has revealed 109 children are known to already be involved in the the sex trade.

He says the result has prompted a new intervention campaign which involves educating community leaders, the public and students about the dangers of the trade, as well as removing at least 50 children who are already in the trade.

"We have information from the research about where the children are operating from. So our teams are going to revisit these locations, these sectors and right on the site. And first there's counselling and then encouraging them to look at other opportunities of engagement in terms of earning money."

Chandra Shekhar says Save the Children hopes to raise awareness among 6000 school students this year.