24 Jan 2011

Tonga's BroadCom expected back on air

5:48 am on 24 January 2011

The Tongan radio station BroadCom could be back on the air within weeks.

Broadcom's FM 88.1 was ordered to cease broadcasting after last November's election.

It had been using a borrowed licence held by the publisher Kalafi Moala, who withdrew it after the government said there had been complaints about the station's broadcasts.

BroadCom's managing director, Katalina Tohi, says the company is now waiting on approval of its own licence, which should come this week.

"When I talked to the Prime Minister, he told me he doesn't see any way why we shouldn't be granted a license, knowing that we have the staff, the skills, we have the expertise, and we have been operating for more than a year, so that means we can operate a radio station."

Katalina Tohi says as soon as the license is granted, the station should be up and running quickly, because everything is ready.