21 Jan 2011

Strong criticism of Honolulu rail project

2:31 pm on 21 January 2011

An engineering professor at the University of Hawaii says building a rail network costing billions of dollars for Honolulu city is a ridiculous idea and too costly.

The city's council is now working to secure all the funds needed to proceed with the transit project that's estimated to cost 5.5 billion US dollars.

Panos Prevedouros says there are other ways of solving traffic congestion and improving public transportation .

He says the fact the council hasn't secured enough federal funds to proceed should be a red light for many locals who will more than likely end up having to pay for it.

"It's just one of the biggest and ugliest things that you could possibly do to a very beautiful island, for a very, very little payoff, even if you believe the city's own numbers, which are in an advocacy position."

Panos Prevedouros says improving bus routes and buses as well as getting some fast hot lanes incorporated into the highway are just some alternatives.