20 Jan 2011

Further Rapa Nui march planned over Chilean police presence

5:20 pm on 20 January 2011

A further march has been planned by Rapa Nui on Easter Island this weekend amid a continued stand-off between Chilean police and an indigeous group occupying a hotel complex.

The authorities have increased the police presence as part of efforts to end occupations by Rapa Nui groups claiming the return of ancestral land.

According to media reports in Chile, the new march is to call for the withdrawal of the large number of security forces.

In clashes in recent months, dozens of Rapa Nui have been injured.

The government has defended the actions, saying police have intervened to uphold public order.

A court case aimed at resolving the hotel occupation has been delayed until next month until an eligible judge arrives on the island from manland Chile.