19 Jan 2011

Solomons Parole Board defends Lusibaea release

4:06 pm on 19 January 2011

The Solomon Islands Parole Board has dismissed criticism of its recommendation that MP Jimmy Lusibaea be released on parole.

The former fisheries minister was set free less than two months after receiving a two year and nine month sentence for unlawfully wounding a person and assaulting a police officer.

The opposition claims the parole board was hastily appointed, and the correctional services commissioner was pressured to recommend the release.

But the board describes the claims as 'nonsense' and says Lusibaea was released in compliance with legislation.

The Prime Minister's press secretary Alfred Sasako, says Lusibaea's parole application wasn't the only one considered by the board.

"He joined 16 other applicants some of whom have applied for parole since 2008. Unfortunately the parole board before this one never got to see those applications. As far as I know four others will be released shortly."

Alfred Sasako

The parole board says the other applications weren't considered earlier because of issues surrounding the previous board and its chairman.