19 Jan 2011

Police in Samoa investigate alleged beating of woman by officers

7:16 am on 19 January 2011

Four police officers in Samoa accused of beating a woman in custody at Lalomanu police station are being investigated in an internal inquiry.

The woman was allegedly beaten while in custody for questioning on a police enquiry into the mysterious death of her 14 year old daughter six years ago at Ti'avea Tai village.

Accoring to the Sunday Samoan, Faasalafa Sione's nose was broken during questioning at the police station last Thursday and she was semi-conscious when she was later admitted to hospital.

The assistant police commissioner and spokesman, Leaupepe Fatu Pula, says it is a serious matter now before the Police Commissioner, Lilomaiava Fou Tai-o-alo, who ordered an investigation into the matter.

He says the beating would not be tolerated if there is evidence to prove the allegation.