18 Jan 2011

PNG's opposition frustrated by continued adjournment of parliament

9:58 am on 18 January 2011

The opposition in Papua New Guinea says its very frustrating that the government keeps adjourning parliament to avoid a vote of no confidence.

Parliament met for a brief session on Friday to elect the Governor-General.

During the sitting the opposition tried to launch a motion of no confidence.

But it was outnumbered and the government used its numbers to adjourn parliament to the 10th of May.

Opposition deputy leader Bart Philemon says when parliament resumes in May it will be too late to bring a vote of no confidence as it will be too close to next year's election.

He says the parliament has not sat the required 63 days per year for three consecutive years.

"Our frustrations is basically because of the golden opportunity, by the next election it will be 10 years of political stability and the underlying issues, challenges that need to be addressed have still been left outstanding and that is to improve the standards of living of our people."

Bart Philemon says the opposition filed a reference to the Supreme Court before Christmas to rule on whether parliament's failure to sit for the required time is unconstitutional.