18 Jan 2011

Little disruption reported from public gathering ban in Tuvalu

8:46 am on 18 January 2011

Radio Tuvalu says the new public order doesn't seem to have had much of an impact on daily life in the capital Funafuti.

The government of Tuvalu ordered last Thursday that no public gathering of more than ten people is allowed on the main island for two weeks.

Tuvalu Radio general manager, Melali Taape, says the order was announced after hundreds of locals from the Nukufetau community held a protest march to demand the resignation of their MP, Lotoala Metia.

She says the Prime Minister Willie Telavi and Attorney General, Eselealofa Apinelu, said it is a precautionary measure to ensure public safety in the wake of that protest, and the order could be extended.

"It only applies to like meetings, community meetings, and local visiting and protest march. Otherwise here in the capital it's just normal daily life here in Funafuti."