14 Jan 2011

Fiji flooding claims victim

1:41 pm on 14 January 2011

A young boy has drowned in the ongoing floods in Fiji.

Rain is expected to continue throughout the weekend, but Cyclone Vania's southerly track means it should ease.

Heavy rain since last week had closed roads in the Ba and Lautoka areas, though some have now opened.

The Director of Fiji's Disaster Management Office, Pajiliai Dobui, says the boy was attempting to cross the Nadi River.

"There was a funeral on the other side of the river, in Moala, the settlement is called Moala, and he was from Sikituru across the river, and he was swimming across the river to attend the funeral, and strong currents in the Nadi river swept him away."

Pajiliai Dobui says it will probably be Sunday or Monday before the rain eases enough for all the roads in the West to open.