13 Jan 2011

Fiji Rugby Union to be replaced by the end of February

7:53 pm on 13 January 2011

The Fiji Rugby Union will have a new board by the end of February, after the board confirmed it would step down.

The interim sports minister, Felipe Bole, had called for the entire board to resign, following Commerce Commission findings that it misused funds from its lottery sales.

The outgoing interim chair, Rafaele Kasibulu, says the board wanted to maintain the credibility of Rugby House, and was mindful of the betterment of rugby in the country.

"Government, it was one of their conditions, that they will only offer whatever they are offering, the 3 million (Fiji) dollars for the preparation of the Flying Fijian team, with a new set of board members. At the end, we thought that the board made the honourable decision and tendered our resignations, at a date to be set, but no later than the end of February."

The outgoing interim chair of the Fiji Rugby Union, Rafaele Kasibulu.