11 Jan 2011

Fiji Rugby Union board asked to resign

8:51 am on 11 January 2011

The interim government in Fiji has asked the board and executives of the Fiji Rugby Union to resign amidst controversy about its sale of lottery tickets.

The Minister for Sports Filipe Bole says the government will only allocate 1.6 million US dollars for Rugby World Cup preparations this year, if the rugby union has a new administration.

Fiji Village news director Vijay Narayan says it follows an announcement by the Commerce Commission that it will take the union to court over the issue.

"The Commerce Commission has come out with findings that allege that the lottery ticket funds were misused by some members of the Fiji Rugby Union, and also that there are a number of tickets that are unaccounted for, only 52 percent of the tickets are accounted for. And the Commission is also alleging that the Fiji Rugby Union has not provided all the information and they had to conduct a search and seize a number of documents."

Vijay Narayan.