11 Jan 2011

Fiji government calls on rugby board and executives to resign

6:25 am on 11 January 2011

The interim government in Fiji has asked the board and executives of the Fiji Rugby Union to resign and for a new administration to be put into place.

This follows findings by the Commerce Commission that the union misused funds from its lottery tickets sales.

The Commerce Commission says it will be taking the union to court to settle how the lottery will be redrawn, and it could face fines of 1,300 US dollars for each breach.

Fiji Village news director Vijay Narayan reports the government has also taken swift action

"The Sports Minister Filipe Bole has said that the government is willing to give three million dollars to the Fiji Rugby team for its preparations for the Rugby World Cup, based on the condition that the current administration of the Fiji Rugby Union resign. The executive summary of this report from the Commerce Commission has already been forwarded to the International Rugby Board and they are now awaiting assistance from the IRB hoping that IRB will provide personnel to assist local administrators who will come in."

Vijay Narayan says the Fiji Rugby Union is expected to make some decisions following a meeting today.