10 Jan 2011

New plans to address Northern Marianas government cash shortfall

7:57 pm on 10 January 2011

The Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands Benigno Fitial and lawmakers have devised a scheme to tackle payless paydays and to address the government's cash shortfall.

A three hour leadership meeting has also concluded with plans to generate more revenue including investing funds to boost tourism.

One idea is to reprogramme funds from other programmes, similar to a landmark law last year that gave the governor authority to reprogramme up to 10 million US dollars for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2010 for payrolls.

The Fitial administration is expected to submit to the Legislature this week a proposed measure that will appropriate up to 6.2 million dollars to the Marianas Visitors Authority to implement its airline incentive program.

The official meeting agenda also included issues on the military buildup, revisiting pozzolan mining, federal relations, legislative reform and expenditure control, and revenue enhancement.