10 Jan 2011

American Samoa public sector faces cuts

6:42 am on 10 January 2011

American Samoa's government employees face a pay cut when Governor Togioloa Tulafono makes his state of the territory address tomorrow.

An announcement was expected last week, but the governor and Fono leaders decided to make the announcement on further cuts to meet the revenue shortfall when he presents his address at the opening of the 32nd Legislature.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says only the leadership knows and even public-service directors are in the dark.

"I know that from what the Treasurer is saying that the reduction in work hours definitely will go ahead. It's the other cuts that we're all wondering what they are going to be. I don't think that they can avoid a reduction in the workforce, but how that is going to be carried out remains to be seen. There are rules on the books as far as how any reduction in force is to take place, and that is usually last on in, first one out."

Monica Miller reporting from Pago Pago