4 Jan 2011

Drug shortage in Vanuatu eases

4:32 pm on 4 January 2011

The national drug store in Port Vila Central Hospital has started to supply drugs to the hospitals, dispensaries, health centers and clinics throught out Vanuatu.

Supplies are back to normal after a shortage of drugs since November last year.

The store's manager, Steveen Osea, says they have now received sufficient drugs from supporting countries such as France, Israel and Holland.

The shortage of drugs has forced health centres, dispensaries and clinics to close their doors and the people to go back to the traditional medicine.

Port Vila Central Hospital, the main hospital in Vanuatu, has only accepted urgent and serious cases.

The shortage of drugs came after Vanuatu's drugs suppliers refused to fill orders until debts of US$650,000 were paid.

It will take more than a month for the health centers, dispensaries and clinics in rural areas to get their drugs.

Meanwhile, the prime minister, Sato Kilman has indicated the government will appoint a commission of inquarry to investigate the reason for the shortage.