31 Dec 2010

American Samoa awaiting government cuts

4:16 pm on 31 December 2010

The American Samoa governor, Togiola Tulafono, is still to decide on what cuts to make to the government workforce amid efforts to reduce spending.

The governor met for four hours yesterday with the treasurer, Magalei Logovii, the director of human resources, Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford, and other officials to discuss a cost containment plan.

His communications director Dr. Jacinta Galeai says they are meeting again today to crunch some more numbers.

While government workers are concerned, Dr. Galeai says they need to be patient.

She says it's a complicated matter that's weighing heavily on the governor because of the direct consequences it will have on people's lives.

Meanwhile, a House Representative, Galumalemana Bill Satele, says in recent times he saw very little in ways of checks and balances between the legislative and executive branch.

Galumalemana says in the last two years, the House was pretty much a rubber stamp.

But he says that should not be the case.

"It defeats the purpose of being elected to the fono to speak on behalf of your district and also limits debates on issues that are very, very importnat to our community."