30 Dec 2010

Vanuatu jail break blamed on poor procedures

6:58 pm on 30 December 2010

Vanuatu's Correctional Services says correct precedures weren't followed, leading to the escape of eight prisoners on Monday.

Seven men are still on the run, following the break out during Family Day celebrations on Monday evening, in which the prisoners cut open the mesh wire in a recreational hall and then jumped over a fence.

The head of the service, Johnny Marango, says there should have been at least three staff in the high risk unit, but one was not on duty.

"To my understanding, it's not to do with the facilities that led to the escape, it's to do with the lack of proper supervision, and the operation standard procedures were not followed. During this time of festive season, people are not feeling safe, it's a great danger to us in Port Vila at the moment."

Johnny Marango says once all the prisoners are recaptured, investigations will begin into how they escaped.