29 Dec 2010

Call for grand coalition in PNG to end government crisis

2:40 pm on 29 December 2010

A Papua New Guinea MP, Jamie Maxtone-Graham, has called on all members of parliament to put together a grand coalition government when parliament is to be recalled on January the 11th.

Mr Maxtone-Graham made the call amid political instability and constitutional problems that has brought the Somare-Polye government to its knees.

He says Sir Michael Somare must take full responsibility for the current political mess and should retire from politics after being sidelined for a probe into alleged misconduct.

Mr Maxtone-Graham has told the Post Courier newspaper that his retirement would allow parliament to elect a new prime minister to head a new bi-partisan government made up of the best brains available.

He says there is too much at stake now, with the LNG and other major projects of national significance that urgently require the support of a stable government.