28 Dec 2010

Fiji group calls for re-think to halt child sex trade

2:12 pm on 28 December 2010

A new project to eradicate the child sex trade in Fiji plans to remove children already identified as being involved as one of its first moves.

The drive against the sex trade is being led by Save the Children in partnership with the International Labour Organisation.

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre has worked in the area of child sex exploitation, raising awareness and providing counselling.

Its co-ordinator, Shamima Ali, stresses the importance of dealing with the underlying causes of the problem in Fiji and elsewhere in the Pacific:

"We have to address the political situation in every country, the economic policies the drive people to force their children into this insidious business and things like that and I believe enough of that is not being done."

Shamima Ali says there is little knowledge in the Pacific about how to help children caught up in this illegal industry.

She says it would be good for all those involved to work together and call on outside expertise if necessary.