22 Dec 2010

Tuvalu's deposed PM seeks majority to vote in his deputy

7:24 pm on 22 December 2010

Tuvalu's deposed Prime Minister Maatia Toafa is working on garnering a new majority among his colleagues in time for Friday's vote for a new prime minister and says it's likely they'll put forward his deputy Enele Sopoaga for the role.

Parliament was dissolved after the Minister for Home Affairs, Willie Telavi, crossed the floor in an eight to seven vote which put Mr Toafa out of office barely three months after his election.

Following the vote of no-confidence, Mr Toafa says he's disappointed in his former colleague.

"What happenened is we are both members of one constituency and he joined me during the last nomination and election of the prime minister. Now he is the one stirring up things. I am very much disappointed with that."

Tuvalu's deposed Prime Minister Maatia Toafa