22 Dec 2010

Nominations open for new Tuvalu PM

2:40 pm on 22 December 2010

Nominations are open for candidates interested in the role of Tuvalu's Prime Minister after parliament unexpectedly dissolved yesterday.

Eight out of 15 members of parliament voted in favour of the no confidence vote in the government of Prime Minister Maatia Toafa during Tuesday's session, with the Minister for Home Affairs, Willie Talavi, crossing the floor .

Former government secretary, Panapasi Nelesoni, says MPs did raise various financial concerns prior to yesterday's vote.

"The fact that there are no funds available in the budget next year for projects on the outer islands. The other issue is on the medical scheme. There had been rumours according to the opposition that the government may ask families to pay for part of the costs of being referred for medical treatments overseas, like for accommodation. The other issue is incremental salaries for next year, there was concern that there won't be any."

Panapasi Nelesoni says the vote for the PM is expected to take place on Friday morning.