21 Dec 2010

American Samoa price control plan wins support

8:06 am on 21 December 2010

American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono's plan to set prices for basic food items has received support from the chairman of the Governor's Economic Advisory Council.

David Robinson says the proposal has merit, especially in controlling the mark up on basic food items.

But he says the scheme should be studied carefully before it is implemented.

"There's no question of doubt about it, there are people in the lower end of the economy who are finding it very very difficult indeed to put the right level of food on the table, and provide food for their children. Because the prices of very basic commodities, rice, sugar, bread, milk, and tinned fish, and things like that have all increased quite dramatically over the past year or so."

David Robinson says he hopes the governor will get input from wholesalers, retailers and other parties to ensure that when price controls are set in place, they will not create other problems.