20 Dec 2010

Call for greater access to condoms in PNG

11:32 am on 20 December 2010

A report by the United Nations Development Programme is calling for greater access to condoms in Papua New Guinea.

The report uses the view from women and girls in India, the Philippines and PNG to assess the progress being made in achieving Millenium Development Goal 3, to promote gender equality and empower women, and MDG 6, to combat HIV, malaria and other diseases.

Condoms are still viewed as the most effective means of preventing HIV in PNG and the UNDP's resident representative says although there's no shortage of supply, distribution is still an issue.

David McLachlan-Karr says making female condoms more available is also essential.

"Male condoms have been proven to be more effective in actually prevention but the lack of access and availability of female condoms basically denies women certain options to control sexual relations with partners."