16 Dec 2010

Uncertainty over when PNG parliament will elect new GG

6:45 pm on 16 December 2010

Papua New Guinea's Attorney-General, Sir Arnold Amet, says he has advised cabinet that parliament should be recalled to elect a new Governor General but that it's uncertain when that will be.

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled the June re-election of Sir Paulias Matane as Governor General was invalid.

It said parliament should be recalled to elect a Governor General by secret ballot within 40 days.

The acting Prime Minister Sam Abal says parliament will not be recalled soon and that the government will appeal the decision.

However Sir Arnold says the government will abide by the ruling.

"The government is unequivocally committed to upholding the constitution and that is not an issue at all. It's a question of timing with the vacation period imminent, the court going on vacation, house having risen to May. It's just a question of what is as soon as practical being agreed up by all parties."

Sir Arnold Amet