16 Dec 2010

Fiji says NZ spying has not stopped

3:50 pm on 16 December 2010

Fiji's interim government says it is certain the New Zealand government is still spying on Fiji

The news website Stuff reports that Wikileaks cables show New Zealand has been using its Waihopai communications base to spy on Fiji's military, passing the intelligence to the United States.

New Zealand officials have always denied that they were spying, however, the cables allegedly point to the Government Communications Security Bureau being capable of listening into Fiji mobile phone conversations.

Fiji's permanent secretary for information, Sharon Smith-Johns, says the cables are no surprise.

"We know that they are still listening in and it's pretty common knowledge here, I guess we live with it all the time and we know that they are listening in and we just get on and do our job to move the country forward and we have a path that we know we're on. And if they're listening in, good, because they'll actually probably understand a bit more about what's actually going on in the country."

Fiji's permanent secretary for information, Sharon Smith-Johns.

The New Zealand Government says it is long standing policy not to comment on issues of security.