15 Dec 2010

Hope PNG cholera outbreak under control next week

1:13 pm on 15 December 2010

The governor of Papua New Guinea's Western Province, Dr Bob Danaya, says he's hopeful a cholera outbreak can be brought under control by Christmas.

About 300 people in the province have died of cholera since late October, with more than 3,000 infected.

It was first discovered on Daru Island and been spread inland by visitors.

Dr Danaya, says with the help of government and international agencies, they're slowing the spread of the disease, raising awareness of hygiene and providing clean water facilities.

"We are hoping that before Christmas we can contain the disease and minimise, particularly the deaths, as much as possible. Certainly there will still be some infections that'll be going around in the villages, but hopefully with the medical supplies that continue to be flown in to the affected areas we'll be able to contain this disease come Christmas time."

Western Province governor Dr Bob Danaya