15 Dec 2010

Hone Harawira calls on NZ government to denounce Chile over Rapa Nui

6:54 am on 15 December 2010

A New Zealand MP and member of the Maori Party has called on his government to denounce Chile for its treatment of Rapa Nui people in recent clashes over land.

Hone Harawira was one of a small crowd of protestors who marched on the Chilean Embassy in Wellington and parliament, protesting against what they call human rights violations on the remote island.

Dozens were injured on Rapa Nui two weeks ago as Chilean authorities continued efforts to evict clans from land they claim.

Mr Harawira says he supports Rapa Nui because they are his own people.

"They call themselves Maori we call them Maori. We are all of the same bloodlines. We speak the same language we have the same ancestry. We share the same emotion."

Mr Harawira says New Zealand should send a delegation to the remote island.