13 Dec 2010

Solomons says Cancun deal followed Pacific sacrifices

2:47 pm on 13 December 2010

A Solomon Islands negotiator at the climate change conference in Mexico says Pacific small island states made sacrifices in order to reach agreement at the talks.

The Cancun conference made little progress on how to extend the Kyoto Protocol, which commits developed countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

But it did set a target of limiting a rise in world temperatures to below two degrees Celsius.

Solomon Islands United Nations Ambassador Collin Beck says that falls short of small island states demands of a rise of less than 1.5 degrees.

He says as the target is not legally binding and only relies on inadequate pledges, it is something that will have to be worked on

"The temperature rise which if we leave it as it is it will definitely be a huge problem for many of these small island developing states so it does not speak too well of the future. But it's not really like something that is agreed, it's just something we will have to work with and try to ensure that what is missing is captured."

Collin Beck says the agreement is weak but is a starting point for negotiations in South Africa next year.