13 Dec 2010

Lusibaea lawyer explains sudden departure from Solomons

2:25 pm on 13 December 2010

The lawyer for the jailed Solomon Islands MP Jimmy Lusibaea has issued a statement explaining his sudden departure from Honiara last Friday.

Robert Cavanagh was due to appear at the bail application for Lusibaea who was recently sentenced to two years nine months jail for charges related to violence 2000 during the ethnic tensions.

However the application was adjourned until tomorrow when Mr Cavanagh flew to Australia for treatment for a suspected heart attack on Friday.

Following this, the Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo claimed that Cabinet believed Mr Cavanagh may have been pressured by his employer, the Public Solicitor, to leave on the excuse that he was seriously unwell.

However Mr Cavanagh's statement asserts that the decision to return to Australia was entirely his and was based on his deteriorating condition.

He says Lusibaea's bail application will be handled by other lawyers in the Public Solicitors Office.