10 Dec 2010

Tahiti opposition mocks President over budget failure

5:26 pm on 10 December 2010

French Polynesia's opposition pro-independence Union For Democracy says the territory can no longer sustain the current comedy of a government without majority.

It issued two statements after the assembly failed to pass the supplementary budget when the ruling To Tatou Aia coalition was 10 votes short of the minimum needed in the 57-member.

The party says it is hard to understand that the President, Gaston Tong Sang, prefers going to Jacques Lafleur's funeral in New Caledonia and a ball of France's ruling UMP Party in Paris instead of working on the budget.

It says it has 22 members while the pro-autonomy side with its 35 members has been unable to get the numbers.

It says Mr Tong Sang has lost face and what's left for him is to resign.