8 Dec 2010

Dettke rejoins Solomons government

2:35 pm on 8 December 2010

A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands Prime Minister says he has reconciled with his sacked forestry minister to avoid the potential breakup of his government.

A reconciliation ceremony took place yesterday between Prime Minister Danny Philip and former forestry minister Bodo Dettke, which was attended by other members of cabinet and caucus.

Mr Dettke will now be sworn in as fisheries minister this afternoon.

He has declined to comment on the reconciliation, but it reportedly follows discussions he held with five other ministers who were calling for his reinstatement.

The Prime Minister's press secretary, Alfred Sasako, says ministers acted to ensure the coalition remained intact

"Because there is no point in a tug of war that would benefit nobody. So I think there is a moral obligation on the part of each minister and the government to ensure that the government that has just come in to office completes what it has to do."

Alfred Sasako says a new forestry minister will also be sworn in today.