7 Dec 2010

Pacific fisheries talks focus on bigeye tuna cuts

4:02 pm on 7 December 2010

The annual meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission is hearing arguments of the need to focus on reducing the catch of Bigeye tuna.

Scientific reports have said Bigeye is overfished and urgent additional measures are needed to help stocks rebuild.

The Forum Fisheries Agency is bringing in conservation measures over the long line industry and the use of fish gathering devices.

But a spokesperson, Anouk Ride, says some new areas are also causing concern:

"One is about wales and dolphins. FFA members are advancing a proposal to say that we should ban setting on whales and dolphins and if these species are accidentally caught in nets take some measures to try release them alive."

The FFA's Anouk Ride

The Tuna Commission meeting in Hawaii involves nations in the region, countries outside the area with fishing interests and companies involved in the industry.

The fishery in this area is thought to provide nearly half the world's tuna and is a multi billion dollar industry.