7 Dec 2010

Vanuatu's Molisa says time tight to seek Kilman ouster

2:30 pm on 7 December 2010

Vanuatu's former Finance Minister admits time is running out to gather enough support for a vote of no confidence against Sato Kilman.

Sela Molisa was among those who lost their portfolios after a new government emerged last week when 31 of the country's 52 MPs voted to oust Edward Natapei.

He says they would need to get at least seven more MPs to join opposition MPs in support of a no confidence motion.

"As usual it depends on the numbers. But at the moment we dont have the numbers. The government has 31 MPs and we only have 21 in the opposition. So to oust the government obviously we'd need at least 27, which is a simple majority. Depends on whether we can master the required numbers."

Sela Molisa says it's a big ask to get it done before parliament breaks for Christmas on December the 20th.