7 Dec 2010

Rapa Nui activists fear uncertainty as Chilean troops remain on island

9:23 am on 7 December 2010

A Rapa Nui activist says a group of native Rapa Nui are preparing for the worst in their battle with Chilean authorities for the return of ancestral lands.

Santi Hitorangi was one of dozens injured in Friday's clash with Chilean forces, when rubber bullets were fired and rocks thrown by protestors.

He says his legs are riddled with wounds, one Rapa Nui man was airlifted to Chile with a serious eye injury and the hospital was inundated with injured people.

"The President of the Rapa Nui Parliament was shot in the back. He sustained ten bullet holes in his back. He's in OK condition. Many including women were shot in their faces, in their heads."

Mr Hitorangi says about one hundred Rapa Nui people remain on six properties they're claiming and he says there's a huge sense of uncertainty as armed Chilean troops remain on the island.