6 Dec 2010

CNMI leadership squabble over top police official

8:00 pm on 6 December 2010

The sacking of a leading public official in the Northern Marianas has caused a rift between the governor, Benigno Fitial, and his lieutenant governor, Eloy Inos.

The deputy commissioner of the department of public safety, Ambrosio Ogumoro, was terminated in July by Mr Inos, only to be reinstated by the governor when he returned from off island.

That move prompted Mr Inos' daughter to resign from the DPS over the way Mr Ogumoro ran the department.

Mr Inos sacked the man again last month.

Mr Fitial then appointed Mr Ogumoro to another position within the department and made his brother, Aniceto, as an acting deputy commissioner of public safety.

A press secretary for the governor says despite the disagreements, the administration is assuring the public it remains committed to tackling pressing issues such the country's financial woes.