6 Dec 2010

Tonga police still tight-lipped over suspect after drugs raid

2:06 pm on 6 December 2010

Tonga's police commander says the man arrested and taken into police custody last week on firearms-related charges is due to appear in the Nukualofa Magistrate's Court again on Thursday.

Police still won't confirm the identity of the man, but there are media reports the man is Noble Tu'ilakepa, who was the Speaker of the last Parliament and one of nine nobles chosen in last month's election.

Chris Kelley says the arrest was made after police carried out seven search warrants for illicit drugs as part of a transnational crime investigation.

"I've been advised that a number of arrests have been made in Australia, but I am limited in what public comments I can make, as the matter is now before the court, at the direction of the court, and is therefore subjudice. All I've been able to release is that one male person was arrested."

Tonga's police commander, Chris Kelley.