6 Dec 2010

Uneasy calm on Easter Island after clashes over land

2:42 pm on 6 December 2010

A tourism operator on Rapa Nui says people there are holding their breath waiting to see what happens next after a land eviction on Easter Island turned violent on Friday.

Dozens were injured in clashes over ancestral lands between indigenous Easter Islanders and police reinforcements sent from Chile.

Conny Martin says she heard one local lost his eye during the stand-off involving rock-throwing by Rapa Nui and rubber bullets fired by police but streets are now calm.

She says not all Rapa Nui agree with actions by the indigenous islanders involved in the violence.

"My Husband who is Rapa Nui, he talked to his people. They are convinced that the solution is dialogue, talk and try to have a peaceful solution for these problems."

Conny Martin says the atmosphere on Rapa Nui streets appears back to normal and her tourism business is operating as usual.