2 Dec 2010

Fiji Bottled Water Association says it didn't press for a tax rise for Fiji Water

12:04 pm on 2 December 2010

The association which represents Fiji's bottled water companies says it hasn't put any pressure on the government to raise taxes on the United States company, Fiji Water.

A spokesman for the Fiji Bottled Water Association, Jay Dayal, says his group's pleased the largest extractor of water in Fiji has decided to reopen after earlier announcing it would pull out of the country because of a huge tax hike.

The tax only applies to Fiji Water and a union representative earlier said it came about because of pressure from other water companies who've not been able to compete.

But Mr Dayal says that's not the case and it's been a matter between Fiji Water and the interim government.

"Fiji Water, being a multinational company with a huge financial resource, who had actually earned their name through our country's name and image, I believe it's fair for them to pay a fair return to the government."

Fiji Bottled Water Association spokesman, Jay Dayal.