1 Dec 2010

No vote for Oceania after Temarii confirms he will appeal

2:18 pm on 1 December 2010

Despite initial hopes, the Oceania Football Confederation will not have a presence at the voting table in Zurich after it's suspended President, Reynald Temarii confirmed he will exercise his right of appeal in relation to the recent ruling by the FIFA Ethics Committee.

FIFA suspended Temarii from all soccer activities for a year over allegations he offered to sell his votes on hosting rights for the World Cup.

The world governing body says that Oceania's sole spot on the Executive Committee is not considered vacant as long as the appeal process is still open, meaning the Acting OFC President, David Chung, who has flown to Zurich, will not be able to replace Mr Temarii until the appeal process has been completed.

Mr Temarii says despite pressures and issues at stake for the OFC, he has opted not to waive his fundamental right to restore his honor, dignity and integrity following the accusations made against him by the Sunday Times newspaper.

David Chung says they respect the decision made by Reynald Temarii and his legal team under difficult circumstances.