29 Nov 2010

Defeated party in the Cook Islands plans to challenge some results

8:09 pm on 29 November 2010

The defeated Democratic Party in the Cook Islands says it will consider challenging results in some constituencies, despite conceding it has no hope of reversing the overall election result.

The final count has given the Cook Islands Party 16 seats, while the Democrats have just eight MPs.

Democratic Party president Sean Willis says certain constituencies have asked the party to mount legal petitions to the results.

He says the party will decide whether to do so in the next few days, based on the cost of the challenge and the quality of evidence.

Mr Willis says challenging individual results may still be worthwhile despite the margin of defeat

"The Cook Islands Party, they've had a very conclusive victory, but if the petitions we put in that could take away the two-thirds majority, which takes away the power of the Cook Islands Party government to try and implement things with their numbers."

Sean Willis won't specify which seats the party may contest, but says he believes the final election result will be amended.