26 Nov 2010

Cooks hosts outrigger canoe festival

2:40 pm on 26 November 2010

The organiser of the Cook Islands' annual Vaka Eiva outrigger canoeing festival is hoping the event will have a great impact on the economy this year.

The event is in its seventh year and has attracted more than 700 paddlers from across the Pacific region as well as visitors from New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Guam.

The organiser, Victoria Dearlove, says last year's festival attracted more than 800 paddlers and visitors, which generated much income for the country.

"Last year we actually had around one and a half million for the Cook Islands. We did an economic impact survey. And from that, the report was looking around one and a half million, which is just amazing."

Victoria Dearlove, theorganiser of the Cook Islands Vaka Eiva festival.