25 Nov 2010

Tonga noble MPs say prime minister should come from people's representatives

6:54 pm on 25 November 2010

Tonga's nobles say they want the country's new prime minister to come from the people's representatives.

Results in the country's historic election are due this evening but the nine nobles chosen by the nobility have been revealed.

They are the Honourables Tu'i Afitu, Fusitu'a, Fakafonua, Ma'afu, Tu'i Vakano, Tu'i Ha'ateiho, Lasike, Vaea and Tu'i Lakepa.

Our correspondent in Nuku'alofa says the nobles revealed it is the King's wish that a commoner become the next prime minister and they have to make that happen.

"They all think that unless the elected representatives all work well together there is not a lot of hope for Tonga and so the messaging from them is about this co-operation and a consensus approach to the political system."