25 Nov 2010

Vanuatu government member speaks out against MPs pay rise

2:14 pm on 25 November 2010

A member of Vanuatu's coalition government says there will no longer be accountability in the way funds for constituencies are used by MPs.

Parliament has this week voted for the budget provision that will amend the arrangement whereby almost 32 and a half thousand US dollars is set aside for distribution within MPs' constituencies.

In future, more than 21-thousand six hundred of that will be paid directly into MPs' monthly salary.

Ralph Regenvanu objects to what amounts to a pay rise and laments that there are no longer guidelines on how constituency funds are allocated:

"Now it no longer has to be given out. It's now directly put into members salary which is his personal salary and they're reducing the accountability about those funds. And secondly, if there was a need for an (salary) increase, I doubt it was a need for an 83 percent increase which is what this increase is."

Ralph Regenvanu.