25 Nov 2010

New research in NZ to focus on Pacific migration

12:21 pm on 25 November 2010

A new research institute to focus on New Zealand's population and economy will also look closely at Pacific migration and temporary migrant employment schemes.

The National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis puts geographers, demographers and economists together to research some of the key elements shaping the country's future.

The institute's director, Professor Natalie Jackson, says one of the main themes is pacific migration.

"At a time when New Zealand will be facing skill shortages we will be looking to the pacific islands for young people to come in but we should be playing a role, new zealand has to be playing a role and perhaps a bigger role in helping education of those young people so that they've got the skills that's required and so on."

Professor Natalie Jackson says policy for things like the migrant employment scheme is helped by evidence that the institute provides.