24 Nov 2010

Tongan womens group says not enough women standing in general elections

12:23 pm on 24 November 2010

Female leaders in Tonga hope voters in tomorrow's historic election will put women into parliament.

Eleven Ten women are standing in a field of 146 candidates vying for 17 parliamentary seats.

The chair of the Havelu Lotu Village women's committee, Vika Kaufusi, says not enough women are standing even though many have the talent and experience.

Mrs Kaufusi says women run her village and those skills are needed in parliament.

"Women are very, very active here and have their leader and it is important for us women to stand up and do the work. Men can always talk and talk but they don't do much."

Vika Kaufusi says most of the work done in the background in Tonga is by women and men take the credit.