23 Nov 2010

Guam Congresswoman calls for "less intrusive" airport security measures

9:10 pm on 23 November 2010

Guam's US Congresswoman has called for "less intrusive" screening of passengers at Guam's international airport.

The Pacific News Center reports that Madeleine Bordallo's call comes as a number of members of Congress rally against new security procedures at airports.

Virtual strip searches and full body pat-downs are being described as a violation of privacy.

Ms Bordallo says that while she supports the US Transportation Security Administration's need to protect passengers from terrorist attacks, a balance is needed between passenger safety and privacy concerns.

She says the TSA must continue to "invest in new, less intrusive, screening technologies" to enhance security, while "reducing the need for random pat-downs."

A full-body scanner is due to be installed at Guam's Airport this year.

Just under a million passengers went through Guam's airport in the past year.